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Separation vs. Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

Some couples opt for a lengthy separation rather than an immediate divorce in the hopes that the burden and stigma of divorce is lessened, and each party can rebuild his or her own life before it's made official. Other couples facing the end of a marriage believe that it's best to divorce immediately, so as not to draw out what could be a long and painful process. A recent study written by Dmitry Tumin, a doctoral sociology student at Ohio State University, found that there are no major differences in the long-term sociological outcomes of either method of divorce, as might have been previously thought.

This is good news for couples that choose to remain separated instead of divorced. According to the American Sociological Association, a different report published by Tumin found that 15 percent of married couples who undergo long-term separations remain apart, without getting divorced or reconciling.

The socioeconomic factors of choosing divorce or separation run deep. In many poorer families, separation was the best option to avoid the costly fees of divorce. Of the 15 percent of couples who chose to stay in long-term separation, most "tended to be racial and ethnic minorities, have low family income and education, and have young children," according to the American Sociological Association.

While the survey found that "people who divorced immediately to people who separated first before divorcing," the profiles of these people who stayed in long-term separations were different. This is most likely due to the nature of a long-term separation, in which the couples are more likely to have contact than those who have been estranged.

The decision to move from a separation to divorce isn't an easy one, but it could be the best option for you or someone you know who is currently separated from his or her spouse. Don't go through it alone. Contact an experienced Chicago-area divorce attorney today.

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