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State Legislature Considering Bill In Attempt to Reduce Divorce Rate

Posted on in Divorce

As we have all heard, divorce is extremely common. Some statistics even purport that one in three marriages will end in divorce. In Alabama, the Senate Judiciary Committee thinks that by simply passing a bill that they can lower the divorce rate in their state.

The Alabama legislature has proposed the Covenant Marriage Act which would request couples to sign agreements declaring that they promise to seek counseling before seeking a divorce. Signing the agreement would be voluntary.

According to Tuscaloos News, Senator Phil Williams (R) recently stated, "The bill is designed to be pro-family and it's purely optional (in) that it does not mandateā€¦.It asks people who are willing to do so (that) if their marriage comes to a divorce they will seek counseling."

For many reasons, however, it does seem that this bill will do much in lowering the state's divorce rate. The bill assumes that couples do not sincerely try to resolve their problems prior to considering or seeking a divorce. Most couples, when they get to the point that their differences are so great that they are seeking a divorce, have tried, in many different ways, to reconcile their differences. This proposed law fails to acknowledge the fact that some differences may be too great and so deep that they are not reconcilable.

Most people do not take divorce lightly. If you are having difficulty with your marriage and are considering options such as divorce, you should consult with an attorney who has walked someone through this difficult decision and process before. Kathryn L. Harry and Associates in Oakbrook, Illinois, are experienced family law and divorce lawyers. Contact us today for compassionate legal advice for you and your family.

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