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Study Claims U.S. Divorce Rate is Why American Women Work More

Posted on in Divorce

An interesting study done by European economists alleges that the higher divorce rates in the United States play a part in the fact that overall, American woman work many more hours than women in other countries.

The Washington Post reported on the study, which was based upon earlier research showing that Americans on average work 30% more hours than their European counterparts. There have been many theories as to why that's the case, and this study, done by Vox, confirms that the lower labor tax rates are relevant to why American men work more. However, the researchers concluded that the significantly higher divorce rates in the U.S. are a primary reason that American women put in more hours. The study purports that American woman seem to recognize the likelihood of divorcing, and thus make more of an effort to climb up the career ladder in case they end up supporting themselves.

Whether or not this is the case, anyone getting divorced in Chicago or elsewhere is the U.S. is entitled to their fair share of assets and possibly, spousal support payments from their ex. As soon as the decision to get divorced is made, the divorcing parties should contact an experienced DuPage County divorce lawyer. Being represented by a competent DuPage County Illinois divorce attorney ensures that you will get everything that you deserve in your divorce. Even in the most amicable of divorces, it's best to have an attorney oversee the property division and alimony payment arrangements.

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