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Study Examines Marital Fighting as a Cause of Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

There is a stereotype which exists that all divorces are preceded by huge fights involving screaming, yelling and crying. A new report has illuminated that it is not whether or not a couple fights but rather how they fight that creates the problem. The University of Michigan sponsored study

followed almost 400 married couples over the course of 16 years of marriage. Their main goal over the study was to find the kind of behaviors which lead to divorce.

The main risk factor to a healthy marriage is when one spouse tries to analyze the situation while the other partner withdraws. This behavior is often noticed as evidence of a lack of interest in the relationship, which can be very damaging. This is not to say that loud screaming matches are a sign that a relationship is healthier but rather that people must seek resolution. Constructive strategies often lead to healthier marriages.

The study also tried to predict the likelihood of divorce based on the data collected. They found that 29 percent of husbands and 21 percent of wives stated that they didn't recall fighting during the first year of marriage. Yet 46% of these couples were divorced by the end of the study period. Do what you can to work with your spouse rather than against them. If you have tried all you can to reconcile but still want to divorce from your spouse, then make sure you have the expertise of a family law attorney. Contact a dedicated divorce attorney in DuPage County to discuss the particulars of your divorce case.

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