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Suza Lambert Bowser sent to prison

Posted on in Divorce

Suza Lambert BowserLucy, 61, recently traveled to New Hampshire to visit her 85-year-old mother, and the following day surrendered to authorities in Ottawa, Illinois to begin her six-year prison sentence.

Most recently, Bowser is known as the mastermind behind the independent film Flea. On Feb. 6, 2012, she was arrested for transporting about 100 pounds of cannabis through LaSalle County. Bowser was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and marijuana trafficking, each of which carry a mandatory sentence by Illinois law.

Bowser admitted to carrying 12 pounds of marijuana, which is valued at $33,000, in a plea deal and was sentenced to six years in prison. If she has good behavior, Bowser could serve only three years followed by an additional three years under supervision.

Bowser was also ordered to pay $36,100 in fines and costs as well, minus the $15,000 cash bond that she had put up for her own bail. The remaining money is to be paid within one year of her release from prison. The motor home that she was driving along with $25,840 cash that she had been carrying was forfeited over at the time of her arrest.

Although she hopes to be transferred to the minimum-security Decatur Correctional Center, Bowser will first be incarcerated at the maximum-security Dwight Correction Center for women.

Her biggest source of distress was her inability to comfort her three children, said Bowser. "That's my number one painful feeling. I have hurt my three children.

Bowser has mixed feelings about her sentence, however, saying that she foresaw many creative chances in the upcoming ordeal and was beginning to form ideas for expressing her prison experiences. "I feel like I'm on the brink of this Michael Moore adventure. I don't want to give away the title of my book."

Although it would have been an expensive and high risk gamble, Bowser said that she could have contested the charges. "I don't have another 30 grand to put into it. I've already dropped $30,000 into Illinois."

To protect her husband from all of the financial agony, Bowser chose to divorce her husband before giving herself up to the law.

"I can be a better soldier, and more dignified," Bowser added saying that she wants to enter the prison alone, without terrible goodbyes from family members.

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