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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Reach Whirlwind Divorce Settlement

Posted on in Divorce

In a move reminiscent of their whirlwind courtship, movie stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have announced in an L.A. Times story today that they have reached a mutually acceptable divorce settlement, a mere 11 days following Holmes' initial divorce filing in New York. The parties and their lawyers are remaining virtually silent about the terms of the agreement, indicating only that they are working together for their daughter's best interests, to support each other as parents, and to safeguard their family's privacy.

The efficiency, speed, and lack of drama regarding this high-profile divorce is very uncharacteristic of many celebrity divorces, and, indeed, of many divorces among non-celebrities. Unfortunately, divorce is often a breeding ground for drama, accusations, fighting, and generally poor behavior between soon-to-be ex-spouses. Particularly when divorce involves children, as does the Holmes-Cruise divorce, avoiding this sort of behavior is the best tactic for all parties.

When parents engage in a protracted custody or visitation battle, and are unable to agree on even the simplest of matters involving their children, no one benefits. Not only is the court process extremely lengthy and contentious for all parties involved, but it is extremely expensive when one takes into account attorney's fees and the fees of other experts that may be necessary for the court to make a decision regarding the children. Furthermore, the stress of this type of proceedings often can result in the need for counseling for one or both spouses, as well as the children, which can add to the costs.

While no situation is perfect, and there are times when contested court proceedings are unavoidable, parties would do well to follow the lead of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and work together to reach a settlement of their divorce, including matters related to their children. A compassionate Chicago divorce lawyer can help you whether you must engage in litigation to resolve your divorce, or if you are simply looking to settle your divorce as amicably as possible. Contact our office today for a complete consultation about your case with a knowledgeable Chicago divorce attorney, and learn what options you have to resolve your divorce case.

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