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With a Party, Divorce Isn’t All Bad

Posted on in Divorce

If thirty is the new twenty, divorcee is the new bachelorette, at least according to New York Magazine and a slew of successful party planners who've made their business out of misfortune. As the divorce rate teeters toward 50 percent of American married couples, many divorcees are taking the sadness into their own hands and turning it into a celebration. Celebrities may have been the first to throw ironic shindigs for their split—Jack White and Karen Elson famously threw a party to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary and their upcoming divorce. But the trend isn't just for the rich and famous anymore: party planners across the States have seen an increase in requests for anti-love party favors; everything from naughty piñatas to decapitated cake toppers.

Forum Novelties product developer Warren Berkowitz told New York that as time goes on, there's more and more interest in their Divorce Diva line, launched in 2009. The line began after the company started "fielding a series of custom requests," all having to do with divorce. Most of their customers seem to be women, and most seem to be pretty angry at their ex or soon-to-be ex-husbands.

Perhaps the reason most of the people in the market for divorce parties are women is because women, according to the U.K. Guardian, are happier after divorce than men. "Divorce makes men feel devastated, confused, betrayed and even suicidal," the Guardian stated in a 2005 article, "while women are more likely to feel relieved, liberated, and happy following a split."

Regardless of if you're in the market for a party or not, divorce isn't something to be taken lightly. If you or someone you know is considering divorce, contact a dedicated Chicago-based divorce attorney today. Don't go through it alone.

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