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Oak Brook, IL Theft Defense Lawyers

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Criminal Attorneys In DuPage County For Shoplifting, Fraud and Identity Theft

White-collar crime is a term originally used to describe criminal activity by members of the upper class in connection with their professions. Today, the most common definition of white-collar crime no longer focuses on the social status of the offender but rather on the type of conduct involved: illegal acts using deceit and concealment to obtain money, property or services, or to secure a business or professional advantage.

Many different types of people find themselves facing charges for a white-collar crime, from church bookkeepers to business executives. The person may never have done anything illegal before but when they found themselves in difficult circumstances - facing serious debt or struggling with a gambling or drug addiction - they make a risky and bad decision. Or an employee may find himself faced with a mere investigation of stealing from an employer or writing a bad check.

At the Oak Brook law office of Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C., we understand the challenges you face. We're not here to judge - we're here to help. We are your defense through difficult times. Our Illinois licensed attorneys have been former prosecutors, and long-time criminal defense lawyers. We know both sides of the law and are more creative because of it.

The investigation of a white-collar crime can be a long, involved process, and may go on for months or years. A person may be one of the targets of a criminal investigation, and not know it until formal charges are filed. You should retain Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C.. in the matter as early as possible. As soon as you suspect you may be involved in an investigation. The complex nature of a white-collar criminal prosecution means that your exposure may not be clear in the early stages of the investigation. You may damage your case and risk your freedom by saying or doing something in the early stages of an investigation. A defense lawyer should certainly be consulted before any meeting with law enforcement, however innocuous it may seem. Remember the police officer is not your friend in these situations.

In other cases, the prosecutor will use a grand jury to investigate and gather information. These indictments are felony in nature and carry penalties greater than 1 year in jail. You could be asked to testify at a grand jury. You are not entitled to an attorney at a grand jury hearing, but it is very important to seek the advice of an experienced lawyer before testifying.

Sometimes, after you are charged with a crime, your criminal defense lawyer can have the charges dropped as a result of negotiations with the prosecutor. In other cases, the prosecutor will agree to drop the more serious charges if you agree to plead guilty to a lesser charge, or to cooperate with an ongoing investigation. The experienced attorneys at Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C. will explore all options with you. You will receive a realistic assessment of your case, based upon the facts of your case.

White-collar crime can be a misdemeanor or felony. Whether you're facing criminal charges or simply being investigated for a writing a bad check, identity theft, forgery, credit card fraud or embezzling from an employer, call us. Contact Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C., to get an experienced defense lawyer with the trial skills and negotiating skills you need on your side. Call 630-472-9700.

More than Two Decades of Criminal Defense Experience

Our defense attorneys have more than 25 years of criminal trial experience. We have defended people on a variety of misdemeanor and felony charges, working to get acquittals, to reduce the charges, or to minimize harsh consequences of a criminal conviction.

We defend people facing charges for:

Minimizing the Damage of Conviction

It's helpful to bring a lawyer into your case as soon as possible, even before you've been charged, if you believe you are under suspicion. With early intervention, an experienced fraud crimes defense lawyer may be able to negotiate repayment rather than arrest. It may also be possible to negotiate a reduced charge, or probation instead of jail time. If you are convicted of a crime, the possible sentences you may receive are probation, having a fine imposed, being ordered to perform community service, being ordered to make restitution or pay back the losses caused by your actions, being sentenced to prison or being sentenced to some combination, depending on the severity of the crime.

Contact a Trusted Oak Brook, IL Theft Defense Attorney

Talk with an experienced DuPage County theft defense attorney at Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C. who can explain your options. As experienced white collar criminal defense attorneys, we can work with the prosecutor to negotiate a deal that provides for the least severe punishment. If no deal is worked out, we will zealously represent you in court, showing the jury that the prosecutor cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. For quality, affordable legal services, contact our office at 630-472-9700 for a free initial consultation. Serving Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Lombard, Burr Ridge, DuPage County and surrounding areas.

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