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DuPage County Lawyer for Driving While License Suspended

Elmhurst Traffic Violations Lawyer

Defense Attorneys for Driving on a Suspended License in Elmhurst and Lombard

We understand that the suspension of your driver's license is a major hardship. Most people need to drive to work, school, grocery shopping, doctor appointments and many other places. Public transportation is not always an option, Uber can get expensive and family members and friends may not always be available to provide transportation. The loss of a driver's license can significantly impact your income and your freedom. Sometimes people choose to drive even though their driver's license has been suspended.

Illinois Penalties for Driving While Your License is Suspended

Unfortunately, if you have been caught and ticketed for driving while your license is suspended, your problems just became worse. Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) is a serious traffic violation in Illinois, a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine up to $2,500. In addition to criminal punishment, the Secretary of State can extend your existing suspension, potentially doubling the total time your license remains suspended.

If your license was suspended because you refused or failed a DUI test (that is, you had a blood alcohol concentration at or over the legal limit of .08, resulting in a statutory summary suspension), the penalties for driving while suspended are even harsher: this is a Class 4 felony. If you chose to get a Monitoring Device Driving Permit, which allows unlimited driving during the suspension period, and you are caught driving a vehicle without a breath-alcohol monitoring device, that is a Class 4 felony. If you chose not to pay for the MDDP, and you get caught driving during the suspension period, that is also a Class 4 felony.

If you are convicted of driving on a suspended license, in addition to the criminal penalties and the extended period of suspension, your life will be affected in other ways. Having this additional violation on your record, in addition to the actual license suspension time, can affect your ability to find and keep a job, to find a place to live, and to retain car insurance.

Defenses Against the Charge of Driving While Your License is Suspended

To defend yourself against the charge of driving while your license is suspended, you should consult a local attorney who regularly handles this type of case and who knows what defense strategies are likely to work best in your city or county. Depending on your specific circumstances, your attorney may:

  • Challenge the basis for the traffic stop which led to the charge.
  • Gather and present mitigating information to support leniency from the prosecutor and/or the court (for example, you did not receive notice of the suspension or you were driving out of necessity due to a medical emergency)
  • Advocate for a reduction or even dismissal of the charges against you.
  • Advocate for a minimum sentence or court supervision.
  • Help you get your license reinstated as quickly as possible.

If you have been ticketed for driving with a suspended license, speak with an experienced DuPage County ticket defense lawyer as soon as possible. At Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C., we have over 25 years of dedicated experience in defending clients accused of traffic law violations and helping clients get their driving privileges reinstated as quickly as possible. For a free initial consultation, call 630-472-9700. We serve clients in DuPage County, including Oak Brook, Lombard, Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Downers Grove, Addison, Wheaton, and Westmont.

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