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Shoplifting Charges at Retail Stores including Woodfield Shopping Mall, Oak Brook, Yorktown, Fox Valley

Oak Brook, IL Shoplifting Defense Lawyer

Oakbrook Theft Lawyer

DuPage County Retail Theft Defense Attorney Serving Surrounding Counties

If you have been charged with shoplifting or retail theft, you need an experienced DuPage County felony or misdemeanor shoplifting defense lawyer who will listen to the circumstances of how this happened. We will help you get through this ordeal with the goal of minimizing the consequences and protecting your reputation.

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When a store employee challenges you by asking you to return to the store because they think you stole an item or switched price tags, they are not held to the same standards as police officers. They do not have to advise you of your rights before taking statements from you. Many accused shoplifters think that if they write a statement, the problem can be settled quickly without police involvement. You are not obligated to give store personnel any information. In many cases, the police are called regardless of whether you cooperated with store personnel.

If the police are called and you are arrested, you need a shoplifting defense lawyer experienced with defending people accused of retail theft. (A theft of up to $300 is a misdemeanor. A theft of more than $300 in merchandise is a felony.)

Whether you signed a statement or not, as experienced retail theft defense attorneys, we can help you. We will protect your rights. Depending on the circumstances, we may set your case for trial. With time, the retailer may decide to drop the charges or not appear in court. We will seek a dismissal, a lesser charge, or a lower sentence. After a period of court supervision, we may be able to have your arrest expunged from the public record.

Contact an Oak Brook, IL Retail Theft Defense Attorney

Don't let this event ruin your life. Contact an Oak Brook shoplifting defense attorney right away. Protect your rights and know your options about retail theft. For quality, affordable legal services, contact our office at 630-472-9700 for a free initial consultation. Located near major expressways and the Oak Brook Center Mall in Oak Brook, Illinois, our shoplifting defense lawyers represent clients in Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, Burr Ridge, DuPage County, Cook County and surrounding areas.

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