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Criminal Attorneys Representing DuPage County Clients Against Shoplifting Changes

Illinois law says retail theft can be committed in a variety of ways, and prosecutors may try to implicate you as broadly as possible. There is too much at stake if you are convicted retail theft or shoplifting. The attorneys at Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C. know how to dig deeper for the facts and present credible evidence that can prove the innocence of our retail theft defendants. We have brought hundreds of theft cases to successful resolution in courtrooms throughout DuPage County.

Retail Theft Defense Lawyers Representing Oak Brook, IL

Commercial establishments are suffering alarming retail losses through theft, from both customers and employees. Under the weight of huge decreases in revenue, retailers pass on their losses to customers, in the form of higher prices, less discounts, and fewer sales. Prosecutors are under heavy public pressure to convict those accused of theft as quickly as possible. Arresting officers will even tell you that you do not need an attorney to make their jobs easier. Do not be fooled. A retail theft and shoplifting charge on your record can negatively affect your ability to keep your job, obtain a professional license, or work in the banking industry.

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You commit retail theft if you knowingly take possession of, carry away, transfer or cause to be carried away any store merchandise, with the intention of permanently retaining or depriving the merchant of the possession of such merchandise, without paying its full retail value. Being arrested for retail theft can stain your reputation and get you caught up in the criminal justice system unfairly, exposing you to serious penalties for both misdemeanor and felony charges. The charges against you are based upon the value of the goods stolen:

  • $300 or less, a Class A misdemeanor with up to one-year in jail, fine of $2,500, no expungement of the record
  • $300 or more, a Class 4 felony, possibly leading to 1-3 years in prison, a fine of $25,000, expunging or sealing of the record possible if you receive first-offender probation
  • Multiple arrests for retail theft can result in enhancement of the charge to a Class 4 felony, possibly leading to 1-3 years in prison, a fine of $25,000, expunging or sealing of the record possible if you receive first-offender probation

Prior convictions will increase your charges and penalties. Additionally, Illinois law has a civil liability provision in retail theft cases that allows the retailer to collect the amount of the items taken, plus penalty charges from $100 to $1,000. Regardless of the outcome of your criminal retail theft charge, you may expect to receive a demand letter from a private attorney claiming that you owe the store money.

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Through interviews, reviewing video, and probing discovery techniques, Kathryn L. Harry & Associates, P.C. will uncover the facts that could lead to a case dismissal or a lesser charge and lower sentence. Often times your case can be resolved quietly and quickly by agreeing to perform community service or attending a retail theft deterrent commonly known as retail theft school. In many cases, we can seek a sentence of supervision or first-offender probation, which allows for expungement of your record.

Call a Lombard IL criminal defense attorney at 630-472-9700 to discuss your retail theft charges. It will cost you nothing for an initial consultation. We provide representation for DuPage County, Cook County and surrounding areas.

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