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Attack on Elgin Teacher Helps Create New Law

Posted on in Assault & Battery

On Monday August 27th, Governor Pat Quinn went to the Elgin High School to enact an important piece of legislature that will protect the safety of schools in Illinois.  The reason that the bill was signed in Elgin was to commemorate a teacher who was attacked by a student while trying to do her job.  This unfortunate attack would have been avoided if police departments communicated more with local school districts.

Four years ago, Carolyn Gilbert was grading papers at her desk.  A student in her class then threw a coat over her head and repeatedly stabbed her face with a steak knife.  Witnessses said that Angel Facio, then 16, did not stop wounding his teacher until the knife broke.  She lost sight in her left eye from the attacks and dedicated herself to come back to teaching.

Angel Facio was later found to be guilty of attempted first degree murder.  He was also found guilty of aggravated sexual assault of a 9 year old.  Angel was under investigation for the latter sexual assault crime at the time he attacked his teacher.  The thought behind House Bill 5602 is to prevent this from happening again.  Before this new law, police departments would only share information about students if they were arrested or detained in connection with a crime.

As of January 2013, if a student is being investigated for a crime, the police department is required to inform their schools.  “This is an important bill, not only for this school and this school district, but for all the schools in Illinois,” the governor said during the signing. “We must maintain safety in the school room, in the classroom, so our teachers can do their job and instill knowledge in their students and help their students to achieve their goals.”  If your son or daughter is accused of a crime, don’t wait to seek the help of a juvenile defense attorney.  Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in Oakbrook to receive a consultation today.

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