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Bad Cops lead to Dropped Charges

Posted on in Criminal Defense

TheresaAccording to a recent report in the Chicago Tribune, 15 of 19 cases that were due to be brought before the court will now be dropped. The common thread in these cases is that they are all felony drug related cases that were all handled by the same three Schaumburg police officers.

These cases came under scrutiny after the three police officers were arrested for allegedly beginning their very own criminal enterprise utilizing money and drugs that they had previously stolen from other drug dealers. It is unclear at this point in time what exactly happened for the officers to be arrested. The main concern of the Cook County prosecutor's office is that not only are there charges that are now going to be dropped but that there may be several convictions that may be overturned as a result of these events. One prosecutor stated that now that it is in the open that these officers were running heir own drug dealing business, their testimony in court is not longer credible. This breach of credibility not only affects the cases that they were directly linked to, but it will also affect cases in neighboring cities and counties. The officers were arrested by federal drug agents near the Woodfield mall. Ironically, this is the same area that they had made several arrests themselves. In a criminal case where a breach of trust or an authoritative position is used in the commission of a crime, the charges as well as penalties can be multiplied. If you find yourself in a position where you have been charged with a felony of any kind, you need to have an aggressive and knowledgeable Illinois criminal defense attorney there to make sure that your rights are preserved. You also want to make sure that your best defense is presented before the court.
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