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Chris Hage Appointed Third Commissioner to the Election Commission of DuPage County

Posted on in Criminal Defense

Christopher L. Hage, an attorney in Oak Brook, has been appointed as the third commissioner to the Election Commission of DuPage County, following the resignation of the former Election Commission Chairman, Rick Carney.

As Commissioner, Hage’s responsibilities, along with the other two commissioners, include organizing and documenting all elections that take place in DuPage County during his term, which will end in January of 2013.

In addition to being an associate attorney at the Law Office of Kathryn L Harry and Associates, Hage is an active member of the community.  After 14 years as a lawyer in Illinois, Hage is a highly rated criminal defense and family law attorney in DuPage County. He currently holds the title of Executive Director at the Federation of Illinois Young Republicans, and ran for the Illinois State Representative for the 42nd district.

Hage is excited to continue the Commission’s tradition of holding an open and fair election process. During their term, the commissioners are responsible for representing both major political parties, and handling the conduct of all local, county, state and federal elections that are held within DuPage County. This includes organizing voter registration, redistricting voting precincts, and certifying election judges.

Born and raised in Illinois, he attended Chicago-Kent College of Law and was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1997. Chris Hage currently resides in the suburbs outside of Chicago with his wife.

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