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Elderly Man Found Guilty for Hiring Hitman to Kill Estate Executor

Posted on in Assault & Battery

Ladislav Fromelius, 73, tried to hire a hitman to injure or eliminate an estate executor a few years ago, according to the Daily Herald. He pleaded guilty to a felony charge of solicitation to commit armed violence on Thursday, September 27 in DuPage County Circuit Court and is facing up to five years in prison for his crime.

Everything started after Fromelius inherited $100,000 from his deceased sister. However, the executor of the estate withheld the money because the will stated that Fromelius would not get the inheritance if he was still associated with his ex-wife. Fromelius became so upset that he tried to get someone to harm the executor. He managed to hire a man called “Mr. G” to do the job and described over the phone how he wanted the executor’s legs broken and also spoke of eliminating her. He also left a payment of $1,000 to the man and had an agreement that another grand would be paid after the deed was done. Little did Fromelius know that Mr G was actually an undercover police officer wearing a wiretap.

Police had been investigating Fromelius for two months after Fromelius’s acquaintance had warned the executor about his plans. He was arrested after leaving the first payment at an agreed location. Police searched his two residences and found many firearms and other weapons.

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