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Even the Police use Google to find criminals

Posted on in Criminal Defense

Law enforcement typically have endless classified databases at their disposal where they can enter a suspect’s name to see if the person has any kind of criminal record, warrants, violations, etc. But in the case of Ronnell Jones, it was a search on Google that led Chicago police to discover that a routine traffic stop had netted them a suspect wanted on a 2010 Yonkers, N.Y. gang related double murder.

When police pulled over the vehicle, Jones, who just turned 24, was in the back seat and in possession of both a gun and an open container of alcohol. His behavior immediately made the arresting officers suspicious. According to Chicago Police Commander Kevin Ryan, in an interview with CBS Chicago, “The male subject refused to answer any questions, refused to identify himself, was almost flippant about the fact he said ‘Print me and find out who I am.  Jones eventually told police his name and birth date. It was that information that they punched into Google’s search engine.

They discovered a photo and an episode of ‘America’s Most Wanted’ which had featured Jones. The show had shared with its viewers that Jones was known to evade authorities by dressing as a woman.

Police say Jones was involved in a robbery that went terribly wrong– breaking into the home of his sister’s best friend. Jones and two other men then shot the seven people at the house, including a 5 year old boy. Two of the victims died. The other two suspects both pled guilty to murder. Brian Roach, 22, was sentence to 32 years and Daniel Sanchez, 25, sentenced to life.

The internet is a tool that police are utilizing more and more frequently. If you are arrested for a crime, don’t risk not hiring an experienced Naperveille, criminal defense attorney who can protect your personal information. Our Naperville lawyers will advise you on the best way to avoid a criminal conviction and the negative consequences that come with it.

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