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Illinois Man Calls Police Saying He Killed His Girlfriend

Posted on in Criminal Defense

NBC15, among others, reported a story by The Associated Press about an Illinois man killing his girlfriend. The homicide of 21-year-old Alisha Bromfield was first reported about on August 19, and the story was updated on August 20 with information about an Illinois man calling the Door County Sheriff's Department, saying he killed the victim, Alisha Bromfield.

The victim's body was discovered near Sturgeon Bay at a resort complex in Door County, Wisconsin onĀ  August 19. Preliminary investigations revealed that she was a victim of a homicide. About noon that day, the 35-year-old male suspect called the sheriff's department from Sister Bay and said he killed his girlfriend. The resort where the victim was found is about 30 miles from Sister Bay.

The Plainfield, Illinois man was arrested and taken to jail, and authorities say the man will appear in court on the 22nd. The identity of the suspect remains unknown to the public.

According to authorities, the 21-year-old victim and the 35-year-old suspect attended a wedding in Egg Harbor on Saturday. No information has been released about how the events transpired from the wedding party until the time of the victim's death. The Door County Sheriff says it is the first homicide in Door County in about 11 years.

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