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Judge in Court on Battery Charges

Posted on in Criminal Defense

Judge Cynthia Brim, a Cook County judge who was just re-elected to the bench, appeared in court on a misdemeanor charge for battery. The judge's doctor says she is bipolar but capable of working as a judge when on her medication. The Chicago Tribune reported a story about the judge and her battery case.

At her status hearing, where her case was transferred to another Cook County judge, Brim said she is happy that people allowed her to return to the bench by voting her back in.

Brim's battery charges were filed in March after she allegedly pushed a sheriff's deputy at a security checkpoint in the Daley Center. She is also believed to have thrown a set of keys toward another officer at the checkpoint. She was arrested a day after going on a tirade while she was at work in the Markham courthouse

Brim's attorney says Brim was legally insane when the alleged battery took place. According to the attorney, Brim has bipolar disorder, but she has been cleared for work by her doctor, since her condition can be controlled with medication.

The lawyer said he does not understand why judicial resources and Brim's money are being wasted on the case. Brim will not resign from her post, and it will be up to the judicial inquiry board to decide whether she can perform her duties as judge.

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