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Witnesses Say Everything Seemed Normal Prior To Murder Of Family

Posted on in Criminal Defense

The Chicago Tribune recently reported a tragic story of a family that was killed by the father. During the ongoing murder trial, relatives and friends say the mother of the family, Kimberly Vaughn, and her children seemed happy just days before the incident.

Back in 2007 when Vaughn and her children were shot to death, she was proud to be graduating from college and looking forward to spending the summer with her family. Her husband, Christopher Vaugh, seemed like he always was – introverted and quiet, but for the people who knew him, that wasn&t unusual behavior. Kimberly's father was the only one to say that he saw Christopher act differently, he noticed that Christopher did not say hello, but just walked past him. Kimberly had defended her husband, explaining his actions on  stress at work.

The husband and father of three, Christopher Vaughn, has been charged with fatally shooting his wife, their 12- and 11-year old daughters, and their 8-year-old son. Vaughn had told his family that he was driving them to a water park, but he allegedly shot his family in their SUV instead. Prosecutors said Vaughn was trying to leave his boring suburban life behind and move to the Canadian wilderness.

Vaughn remained expressionless in court, and he looked directly at his father-in-law, Phillips, while Phillips gave testimony describing the last time he had seen his daughter alive. According to Phillips, Vaughn had been quiet and polite in the 13 years they had known each other.

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