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Family Law Blog Archive

April 2012

26 April, 2012New Trend in Divorces Involving Children: Divorce Ceremonies
24 April, 2012Termination of Spousal Maintenance Upon Cohabitation in Illinois
24 April, 2012Virtual Visitation Now an Option for Divorced Illinois Parents
23 April, 2012Maryland’s Court of Appeals Decides Same-Sex Divorce Case
21 April, 2012Fighting a Contested Divorce in Illinois
18 April, 2012Divorce and Grandparents Rights in Illinois
12 April, 2012Producer Bob Weinsteins Wife Files for Divorce, Seeks Protection Order
10 April, 2012Child Custody Under Illinois Law
06 April, 2012The Housing Market and Divorce – Unintended Consequences
03 April, 2012Illinois Supreme Court Upholds Custody Order in Favor of Dwyane Wade
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