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traffic violation speeding ticketSometimes a speeding ticket is “just” a speeding ticket. If drivers have a record of speeding tickets which include citations of  excessive speeds, infractions caught on camera, or in a construction zone, the effects on one’s license (and wallet) can be significant. This is an even greater concern when speeding is coupled with something such as drunk driving.

Many people incorrectly assume that because most traffic infractions are civil and not criminal, they cannot carry hefty penalties. However, most people also do not know that getting a speeding ticket in a construction zone the first time can cost a driver nearly $400, or that a second violation may lead to the state suspending the driver’s license.

Representation for Traffic Offenses


dupage county traffic lawyerLast month the Illinois Supreme Court heard arguments concerning Chicago’s ordinance allowing the use of traffic cameras fixed at traffic intersections as a means of enforcing running red light violations throughout the city. An issue in the case was whether the City of Chicago had legal authority to enforce the ordinance, which had been created in 2003, prior to the date when Illinois legislatures delegated power to municipalities to make these automated traffic laws. The Supreme Court is expected to issue a final decision on this case in the upcoming months.

This case illustrates, at least for now, that Chicago’s red light traffic camera ordinance and those like it are a reality for Illinois drivers. The case also leads many Illinois residents to wondering about their legal rights concerning automatic traffic violation enforcement.

Illinois Law Concerning Automated Traffic Cameras

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