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Child Support Collection Presents a Problem for Illinois Courts

Posted on in Child Support

Each year, the federal government sends money to help courts collect child support from divorces in Illinois and other states. In spite of this, the state frequently experiences problems with collecting this money, leading to increased frustration of parents on both sides of the divorce table.

Take for example, the case of Lydia Blaisdell and her ex-husband, Robert. Lydia recently told the Chicago Tribune she believes her husband owes more than $70,000 in child support. In spite of having a warrant issued for his arrest in Lake County, Robert Blaisdell admits to living a fairly carefree life in Alaska. While Lydia feels victimized by the court's inability to collect the owed support, Robert feels that the court system treated him unfairly, and questions the amount his wife says that he owes. Their case is the perfect example of how parents often find themselves in an overburdened court system.

Each year, the Illinois Child Support Enforcement Division handles around 20,000 active cases. These cases are becoming increasingly complicated. While parents who refuse to pay child support may be punished by having their driver's licenses, passports, tax refunds, and even hunting privileges revoked, the court often chooses to avoid severe penalties in favor of attempting to collect the child support. A parent who loses their driver's license may lose their jobs, further complicating their ability to pay. An arrest warrant may also not be the answer, particularly if the parent lives out of state because of the difficulty in retaining out of state process servers.

Unfortunately in the case of custody and child support battles, it is often the children who suffer. If you are considering filing for divorce and are concerned about paying or receiving child support, do not try to navigate the court system on your own. Contact an experienced Illinois divorce attorney for help. The attorneys at Kathryn L. Harry & Associates P.C. are experienced in the drafting of divorce documents that will help to ensure the payment of child support. Call 630-472-9700 for a free consultation.

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