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Electronic gadgets allow divorcing couples unprecedented snooping options

Posted on in Divorce

With the advent of GPS devices and smart phones, the age old art of snooping on one's spouse during divorce proceedings has hit a new technology fueled high.

Even celebrity spouses admit to using texts when they suspect their significant others of cheating. Actress Eva Longoria recently revealed that she learned of her husband's infidelity after discovering hundreds of text messages sent to him by another woman.

Facebook is another popular source for snooping on a spouse. Many spouses use the site as a way to search out and rekindle old flames, which can lead to infidelity. During the discovery portion of a divorce proceeding when documents are examined and exchanged, a person's Facebook history is often one of the easiest places to find evidence of infidelity.

While the state of Illinois allows for no fault divorces, in the case of a spouse filing a fault based divorce can and may use social media flirting and hook ups as a reason for placing the fault on their spouse.

Divorce attorneys across the U. S. have reported a steady increase in the role of social media when a spouse files for a fault divorce. While no-fault divorce spouses do not need to use a charge of infidelity to file a petition for a dissolution of marriage, the evidence is usually used when determining which spouse will have custody of children.

If you are in the process of filing for divorce and are unable to agree with your spouse on child custody, it is vital that you speak with an experienced divorce lawyer to determine how these issues could affect your proceedings.

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