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How Can We Save Marriage?

 Posted on February 20, 2013 in Children

MelissaThis question is one David Blankenhorn believes is most important—more important than whether same-sex marriages should be allowed. At the end of January, Blankenhorn signed a letter urging Americans to focus less on whether marriage should stay between a man and a woman, and more on how to strengthen marriages for the benefit of society. He isn't the only one: more than 70 people (including scholars, journalists, law professors, etc.) joined in his campaign.

Blankenhorn originally came out against same-sex marriage, but has recently changed his mind based on the disintegration of marriage, especially in the middle- and lower-class.

In recent decades, marriage has lost its traditional values. Now, divorce and out-of-wedlock births have skyrocketed. This article from the Daily Herald talks about well-educated couples tend to stay married but many less educated couples are becoming "subculture of economically depressed, single-parent families." In addition, children of divorced families have been shown to be less happy.

The issue of children with divorced or unhappy parents is one Blankenhorn strongly debates. He believes marriage is, more or less, a gift society bestows upon its children. Even though he believes a child benefits the most from having a happily-married mother and father, he also recognizes that children in all families deserve love and attention. Since many same-sex couples already have children, Blankenhorn suggests having a complete family is more important than keeping marriage between a man and a woman—especially if the couple gets a divorce later.

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