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Illinois Supreme Court Upholds Custody Order in Favor of Dwyane Wade

Posted on in Child Custody

NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade has scored another victory in his highly contentious divorce from Siovaughn Wade. The Illinois Supreme Court recently issued a ruling denying Siovaughn's petition to appeal the lower court's custody order. The March 2011 order of the Cook County Circuit Court granted custody of the Wades' two sons to Dwyane, and allowed him to permanently move the children with him to Miami, Florida. The lengthy order also provides for Siovaughn to have parenting time with the children in Miami on alternating weekends, as well as other times throughout the year. Although the Wades have been legally divorced since 2010, the parties still have been battling over issues related to child custody and their finances. With the custody issue apparently resolved, the parties now face a trial on their financial issues that has been scheduled for September, 2012.

While most Chicago divorcesare not quite as public as the Wade divorce, many divorce proceedings can be just as lengthy when spouses are fighting over children and finances. While child custody battles are necessary in some circumstances, they generally are not the best choice. Constant fighting between parents only causes more stress on children during a time that already causes high anxiety in children. Additionally, custody battles also are extremely stressful for both parents, can drag out a divorce for an excessive amount of time, and can negatively affect the parents' ability to work together and make positive decisions about anything during their divorce, including their children. If you can avoid a custody fight, and find some way to compromise matters with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, it will go a long way toward giving you and your children peace of mind.

If you live in Chicago and are facing a conflict with your spouse over custody or other issues related to your divorce, you will need the assistance of a top DuPage county divorce lawyer throughout your divorce. With the help of a skilled divorce attorney, you may be able to settle matters with your spouse and avoid lengthy, expensive, and conflict-ridden court proceedings.

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