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Judge Orders Joe Piscopo to Pay $10,000 in Child Support or Go to Jail

Posted on in Divorce

A recent article in the Star-Ledger detailed actor and entertainer Joe Piscopo's recent child support woes and the consequences he is facing as a result. Piscopo, 61, has fallen about $30,000 behind in child support payments owed for his three children with his former wife, Kimberly Driscoll. Piscopo is currently ordered to pay $5,000 per month in child support and $10,000 in spousal support to Driscoll.

Piscopo's attorney appeared on his behalf in the Superior Court in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, to face the allegations regarding Piscopo's failure to pay child support as ordered. Very recently, Piscopo has made substantial payments toward his child support arrearage, bringing the balance down to around $30,000 from a high of almost $50,000 at one point in October. His attorney argued that his income had been inconsistent lately, which accounted for his inability to make full payments. Driscoll's attorney, on the other hand, responded that Piscopo's website showed that he was continuing to make public appearances on a regular basis, for which he presumably was being paid, and attributed to his financial problems to his overly lavish lifestyle.

Ultimately, the hearing officer ordered Piscopo to pay the sum of $10,000 toward his child support debt no later than December 28, 2012, or a warrant would be issued for his arrest. In addition to his regular child support payments, Piscopo also is ordered to pay $50 per week toward his past-due child support.

Joe Piscopo's recent child support hearing illustrates the severe consequences that can result from falling behind in one's child support obligation, even if one is a famous actor and entertainer. If your income becomes inconsistent due to unemployment, a temporary layoff, or a reduction in hours, you may be eligible to modify your child support obligation, which, in turn, can help you avoid racking up a substantial child support arrearage. Contact your skilled Chicago area child support attorney right away, and let us help you explore all of the options that are available to you.

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