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Lawyer Experiences a Real Life Fatal Attraction

Posted on in Division of Property

Many of us have have known or been involved with someone who has known a person who was not of sound mind. As reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, a local lawyer has had just this experience.

Christian met Alana through some friends who thought that the two would be a perfect match for each other. He was a 30 year old lawyer and she was a 25 year old dancer. He thought was gorgeous, and was smitten with her. As a matter of fact, he was so smitten that they married just six months after meeting.

Things appeared to be fine at first, but little by little she began turning Christian against his family and friends by making hints about their faults, and eventually playing the victim to their bad ways. She sabotaged all of his personal relationships with friends. She even would call them "on Christian's behalf", stating that they were bad people and telling them off.

Christian, wanting his marriage to work, remained oblivious to her eventual alienation of everyone from their lives. Christian stated that eventually he could no longer ignore the obvious. She began accusing him of having affairs and even stealing his belongings and money from him. She became physically abusive to the point of breaking his ribs, throwing knives and scissors and even boiling water in his face.

Christian did eventually file for divorce after two years of marriage, and as part of the settlement she received half of his savings as well as two years of "high maintenance" spousal support.

Going through a bad marriage is hard enough. Going through a divorce can prove to be even harder. No matter the reason for the divorce, it is in your best interest to have an experienced and aggressive Chicago divorce lawyer there to protect your interests and/or assets.

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