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Valentine’s Day, what women want

Posted on in Divorce

LucyTime and time again, people say that you can't buy love, yet every year on February 14, millions of Americans spend money on their significant other.

The most popular and traditional items bought include candy, jewelry, clothing, gift cards, flowers, cards and clothing.

It turns out, however, that a romantic date is at the top of many women's lists, according to Money Talk News. The date may also include candy, flowers and other traditional Valentine's gifts, but the most important part is the time spent together.

Janet Beilharz of Fenton, MI said, "I'd like a dinner out with my husband, alone. A massage would be nice, too."

The National Marriage Project stated that couples can gain benefits from a date night at any time, especially on a weekly basis. The projects claims that couples who "date" are more likely to enjoy a higher quality relationship and less likely to divorce.

Women also say that, although they would like a night out, they would also enjoy other thoughtful gifts that they wouldn't buy for themselves, ranging from spa gifts to jewelry.

Valetine's Day is the no. 2 day of the year for proposals, following Christmas. According to, there will be about 220,000 proposals this Valentine's Day, 10% of the yearly total.

"It's actually my biggest day of the year for engagement rings to be ready," said Chil Beltinck from Sawyer Jewelers.

About 19 percent of holiday purchases are jewelry. Marie Marsh, assistant manager of Medawar Jewelers in Fenton said, "Pandora heart beads are very popular, along with heart necklaces."

Candy is also always a big hit with about 8 million sweetheart conversation hearts sold every year between Jan. 1 to Feb. 14. About half of all Valentine's Day gifts are candy.

Carol Schuler of Sweet Variations, Fenton said, "Women tend to get truffles and chocolate covered cherries, while men are often give the nut, caramel and toffee ‘Tiger Paws.'"

Flowers, as well, cover the world on Valentine's Day. Typically, red roses are given for the romantic holiday. Jon Gerych from Gerych's in Fenton shared that the roses don't have to be arranged in a traditional style. "We're styleing our roses in European fashion. French Pavé style, with clumps of bountiful blossoms, is especially popular this year."

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research compiled a list of advice from couples who have split up:

  1. Expand conversation beyond business and household talk. Discuss goals, dreams and common interests such as books, movies or current events.
  2. Express your love daily through simple gestures and making life easier for your spouse, without being asked.
  3. Talk openly about finances, which is the number one conflict in marriages.
  4. Don't play the ‘blame game' for the marriage. Try to blame the circumstances rather than your spouse. Try "We're both really tired right now…"
  5. Don't let the relationship get boring. Continue to try new activities, add mystery and surprise to the relationship to rekindle the passion, excitement and interest in one another.

If this advice is too late for you on this Valentine's Day and you are going through a divorce, however, contact an experienced divorce lawyer in Naperville or Oakbrook, IL. Kathryn Harry & Associates can help you get through your divorce quickly and you can be ready for Valentine's Day 2014.

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